Input_AutoComplete showing underlying identifier if label is empty

Input_AutoComplete showing underlying identifier if label is empty

I just noticed that autocomplete widget is showing underlying id if label is empty. Is this expected behavior ? 

Hi Kota,

When we pull values by autocomplete, we must get Labels associated with every identifier. But when label is empty, we will get identifiers because we can uniquely identify record only through identifiers.

If you don't want identifiers in your autocomplete list, then add one condition in underlying query that if label is empty then don't show identifiers associated with that record.

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Suraj Borade
Hi Kota,

Edit ur query to just get only data which has not null label filed.
Hi guys, 
            I know how to wok around it. I was just wondering if this is the expected beahavior of the auto-complete considering that identifier could be a database id which doesn't mean much to users.

Hehe, it's a bit better than having empty lines.
If you tell the auto complete to do empty labels it needs to fallback to something.
Also not showing them by default would be a lot harder to throubleshoot during develpment than having the id's.

João Rosado
I can see your point of view from a developer's point of view. But from a user's pov, imo it would make more sense to not show the empty labels. Anyway, good to know that it is by design and not a bug.