Wireless Application Protocol Site

One of our requirement is to create a 'site' that target the 80% of the population (in my country) who still uses a non-smart phone. Thus, the goal is to create a site that can be accessed via WAP. I am not really familiar with the development of WAP Sites. I was reading some of the documentations of Outsystems and I think it supports the development of them.

Can I ask for a sample or at least guidelines of how this can be implemented?
Hi JC,

The old mobile flows used for WAP were dropped some versions ago. (around version 5)
What documentation did you find that still mentioned WAP?

João Rosado
Hi Joao,

Not really a full documentation but some press releases or posts of sort (i just search the website for the keyword 'WAP'). Does that mean we can't use Outsystems to create WAP since it's already dropped?