Fluids Grids (NEW in platform 9)

Fluids Grids (NEW in platform 9)

In the last few years, every time a new device has been announced it seems to have come with a completely different screen size. And no one know what’s coming up next.

With OutSystems Platform 9 you can now use fluid grids, and your apps will smoothly adapt to all existing devices sizes perfectly, and they will be future proof for devices to come. That is why fluid grids have become the standard for responsive design.

Another huge advantage of fluid grids is that, since they use proportional sizes (set in %), you will be able to use them in every kind of layout, even in smaller sub sections of the page. This makes alignment and positioning widgets a lot easier.

When using fluid grids you will also be able to use the new split commands, available on the toolbar and in the context menu. With a single click you’ll be able to split containers in 2, 3, or 4. Editing layouts will now be a breeze.

How can I use it?

Just change your theme to be based on the new LondonFluid theme, fluid theme that will let you create awesome apps.

When starting your next project you should definitely consider using fluid grids!

Great news, guys. This will bring a world of flexibility (and agility) in building our UIs. Looove the split functions!!
Nice, good feature!
This is really fantastic!