[RFID] Location of the RFId?

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Published on 2015-05-18 by Rui Barbosa
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Published on 2015-05-18 by Rui Barbosa
Am I correct in assuming that the RFId scanner is supposed to be connected to the client machine (not on the OutSystems server) and therefore nodejs needs to be installed and running on all client computers?

For everyone's future reference, looking at the code indicates that yes, it gets installed and run in the client machine.

The OutSystems app's Javascript then listens to a port on localhost where nodeJS emits data that receives from the machine's COM port (where the RFId scanner is plugged).
Hi Miguel,

That is correct.

This is a simple use case where there is an external reader attached to the client device (a card reader on the device displaying the browser window).

The card reader sends information to the COM port.
The nodeJS app reads this information and sends it to the localhost:3001
The socks.js reads from localhost:3001