unable to perform delete operation

unable to perform delete operation

I am trying to delete record from table but its not working

It gives a below error.

Please help me on that
Thanks in advance
Hi Pranav,

Thats not exactly an error. Queries with Updates and Deletes do not return rows, so its normal to "return no rows".
Also test queries are not commited to the database, so nothing will happen.

If you want for it to work publish the espace with the query and execute it in runtime.

João Rosado
Hi João,

it's also not working at runtime.
output structure is mandatory for advance query. so what type of output structure i wish to set?


I usually use the same entity that I'm doing the delete of.
It will be always empty since the delete does not return any rows.

George has having the exact same issue here with the test query: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/12648/need-to-delete-a-record-from-an-external-oracle-table-with-composite-key/
And it worked on runtime for him.

Can you try to use the debugger and check that it is passing the correct id's to the query?

João Rosado