Multiple datasources

Multiple datasources


I'm not yet an Outsystems user but am looking around for a tool with which I can do the following.

I'd like to be able to use and combine multiple datasources, and present that to the user as 1 entity. For example, I have an application in the cloud (available using webservices) which contain some basic customer information. I have on premise another application with some extra information. They share the same account number so I can link them with that information.

What I'd like is to create an entry screen which combines the information from both datasources, adding extra information that comes from my local database, and when saving, save the information to both sources (of course only save the information that actually can be stored).

I have seen the sample in which from salesforce a list with data is shown, and below that in another list, some data from a SAP system. But in this case, it must be just 1 entry screen and the user shouldn't be able to tell that it's from multiple sources.

Is this possible (without having to create my own webservices which connects to the multiple sources and combines the data before returning it)?

Tnx in advance for any ansers.

Hi Gert-Jan,

Yes you can use the platform to do both the integrations and display it as you want to the users.
The demo application that you seen explicitly shows where the data is comming from for demo purposes, but you have total control on what and how you wish to display on your screens.

João Rosado