Remove Registered End-Users

Remove Registered End-Users

Hi all,

I want to remove some of my Registered End-users because i get the following message "Cannot create User because the limit of 500 Registered End-Users that this server license allows has been reached".

I try to set some users to Inactive (or to delete them), but the number in the licencing tab on Service Center is the same (500 of 500). Note that the most users are in the EnterpriseManager espace.

I am running on version What can i do?


Hi Matheos,

Did you find the solution? I have the same problem. Thanks.

Telmo - what Platform version are you working with? Have you also tried to remove the users from the user table? 

It would be great if you could walk us through what you did already, so I can better answer your question...

Hi Mario!


The problem is solved. I'm not entirerly sure, but I think the problem was solved when clicked on Audit Licence (previously, I put some users inactive).  When I returned to the license screen it was ok. :)


All good then! Glad I could help :P