convert base64-to-binary (PDF) on Java stack

convert base64-to-binary (PDF) on Java stack

Hello everyone! I wonder if anyone would be able to tell me the best way to convert a base64 string (pdf file) to binary content within the platform? The content itself would have been returned from a call to a web service (I would then put the content to a 'download page'). I notice from searching online that there is an extention, but it appears this is only installed on the .NET version of the platform, and we have Java. Perhaps there is a better way of doing this? Though it must be a solution to handling PDF content as base64 string in a web service response.Thanks in advance!
Hi Theo,

The extension binary data is part of the System Components of the platform thus is installed on every stack (.NET or Java).

in there you have the actions TextToBinaryData and Base64ToBinary that might help you out.

But these were not made specifically to handle PDF data so you'll have to test them to see if they solve your need.

Thank you Guilherme! I will give that a try...
Just to confirm, this worked fine for PDF. Thanks again :)
How to convert base64 to binary(pdf) dynamically without even pressing a button.Please find my oml file for your