EditableTable: "Navigation not working"

Here's my situation:
I have a simple query in the preparation of a WebBlock. This query give's me 8 results.
Then i have an EditableTable (name is FollowerTable) to show these results. In the LineCount property i have value 5.

Then i have a List_Navigation with these property set:

In the RefreshFollowerTable i refresh the query and the container that has the FollowerTable and the List_Navigation.

The result is not what it's expected because it shows the same 5 results after i click on page 2 or page 1 or Next or Previous.

One thing i notices is that this EditableTable hasn't the Start Index property.

Am i doing anything wrong here or is there another way to get this to work?
Hi Sérgio,

The EditableTable widget is not supposed to be used with pagination, since it's main purpose is to edit a small set of data (e.g. details in a master details screen). It would be strange to have a "Add Record"  at the bottom of a paginated table.

This being said, if you really want to use it to edit a large set of data (not reccommended also for performance resons), you can try to implement a infinite scroll pattern.

Tiago Simões