Integration Studio conect to wamp

Integration Studio conect to wamp

I would like to use some of the tables that i have on my wamp server.
I'm having some trouble conecting to it in integration studio.

Could you help me out?
Everytime I try i get the error:

Error connecting to server. Unable to verify platform type in server.

I'm trying trying to create the xif file to be able to use that database in an application in outsystems.
Any ideas?
That's because it only supports SQL Server and Oracle. If you want to connect to MySQL, you will need to write an extension in .NET or Java that does the work that you need.

At NextStep, they demo'ed the functionality of connecting to a MySQL Server in version 9 pretty easily, but I honestly do not remember if that was "functionality that you can make in version 9" or "functionality that ships with version 9", and I do not know if that will be in the final product or not.

"If you want to connect to MySQL, you will need to write an extension in .NET or Java that does the work that you need."

Can i trouble you to walk me through this process? I'm kinda new to outsystems, so i don't rally know what to do.
my server is installed on localhost on port 80. At this point i just need to read from the DB, no writting is necessary.
Pedro -

1. Start a new Extension in Integration Studio.
2. Use it to create a Structure representing the output of your query.
3. Make an Action to run the Query, accepting any needed parameters.
4. Use the "edit code" from the toolbar to go into Eclipse or Visual Studio to edit the Java or .NET code (if your OutSystems server is .NET, use .NET, if it is Java, use Java...).
5. In the Extension code, do whatever you would normally do in Java or .NET to get a connection to the MySQL server, run a query (the parameters to your Action will be passed in as parameters to the function you are editing), populate the output Structure with results.
6. Publish to your server.
7. Add a reference to the Action and the needed Structures in your application.
8. Call it like any other Action.

For specific details on how to do any of this, I suggest that you watch the videos tutorials and check the documentation. This is pretty straightforwards once you try it.

Thank you so much Justin!!!
Worked like a charm :)
With OutSystems Platform 9 we're releasing a MySQL database integration connector that allows you to directly connect to MySQL in a fully automated way, and use all the builtin capabilities to query and modify data in such databases, with the full benefits of TrueChange.

You can check a video of how that looks like

Platform 9 has just been announced, so soon enough it will be available in your hands.
Ah, nice to see that in the final product! That is a big help. :)