Service Studio in HiDPI screens

Hi all!

In case you're wondering if Service Studio runs in HiDPI screens, like the one in the Surface Pro (and the Pro 3 more so, since it has an even higher DPI rating) I'm using right now, that default to 150% scaling, the answer is kind of.

If you don't do anything, Service Studio will be unusable. Everything will be scaled mostly correctly, you'll notice that the bitmaps are all jagged, but you can't actually use the mouse pointer to click anything. Clearly the image is scaled, but the targets aren't.

(With scaling, Service Studio looks like this, but try as you might, you just can't press that close button)

The solution is to right-click the Service Studio icon, then select properties, then go to the compatibility tab and then select the option to disable scaling.

(It's the third checkbox from the bottom, the only one selected in the image. I have no ideia what it says in english)

When you then open Service Studio everything should work, but everything will be tiny. And that's why I said "kind of".

(Told you everything is tiny! On the plus side, look at all that real estate to develop!)

Oh well. Until OutSystems gets around to releasing a version that supports scaling properly, that's as good as it gets. Still, at least they're in "good" company, Chrome only recently added support for HiDPI screens in Windows, and the less is said about Adobe the better.

Anyway, hope this helps.