Google sign-in integration

Google sign-in integration

Hey Outsystems Community,

I'm trying to implement and integrate Google's sign-in button mechanism (OAuth) in most of my applications.

The idea is simple:
  • asks the user for permission to access information
  • get user's account email
  • check if the retrieved email exists in the context of the application
  • login into the application with user id

To easily integrate this in the OutSystems applications, I want to modify them the minimum possible, maybe just using a WebBlock with Google Plus Sign-In button in Login Web Screen in each application.

The problem is that, associated with the normal login button, each application invoke several actions to accomplish several things. With the Google Plus Sign-In button, I need to make sure those actions run so my applications work properly.

Any ideas on how to do this?

Thank you,
Filipe Almeida