Emails and Styling

Emails and Styling

I am unable to create an email styled the way I want it to be in OutSystems using styles(Css).
Do emails support styling? or are they supposed to be plain to avoid any email client issues?
Hi Haruna,

Emails do support css, but its a really bad support.
The platform does a lot of work regarding inlining styling as much as possible to work around most email clients limitations.

The result on n email should be the same as the one you see in the editor inside Service Studio.

- the latest versions promotes using grids to design the screens/emails. Grids use inline "div"s to work and Outlook 2007+ clients do not support them. If thats an important email client for you I would recomand placing your email screens inside a flow that does not use a grid based theme, and use tables instead of containers to make vertical divisions.
- there is also an issue with the latest themes ( London for example) where the platform is inlining the styles incorrectly, causing some css rules to be overriden incorrectly. Our maintenance team is currently working on a fix for this. If you are having this problem you can try to use a simpler theme, with just what you need for your email, without using a base theme.

João Rosado
Thanks that clarifies things. But doesn't that mean that if I use tables instead of containers , they will be spaced wrong eg. left column being at extreme end of page and right column being at extreme right.
Hi Haruna

Not sure if I understood your question correctly but you can set the table width property to either 100% (making left and right columns at the extreme ends of the page) or leave it empty making the table's size shrink as possible to fit its content.

Thanks Miguel,
I used that to correctly lay out my email design.