Porting personal environment from version 8 to version 9

Porting personal environment from version 8 to version 9

How can I port my personal environment from platform server 8 to platform server 9? I' ve already downloaded service studio 9 but cannot access my personal environment and apps.
I have the same question. How can I try platform server 9 with my personal environment?
I have tried, but at least for now it gives an "Incompatible Versions" error message:
"This version of ServiceStudio ( is not compatible with the selected Platform Server ("
When will personal environments become compatible?
Let the team rest and absorb the coffee from launch :)

I guess the Personal Environments aren't a priority as, in this moment, several large companies are asking for support or making questions about the same upgrade.

The last time OS upgraded ( to, it took two weeks, with an unavailability period of 2 hours.
Expect something around that for your worst-case scenario.
Nuno, a well deserved rest indeed.
Thanks for the feedback.

I believe all new Personal environment created now will be on 9.
If I'm not mistaken, existing ones will gradually be migrated to 9 in the following weeks.

Tiago Simões
Yes, Tiago is correct. Over the next six weeks, we will be doing rolling upgrades of existing personal environment users to Platform 9. New provisions are on Platform 9 now.
I am in the early stages of learning Outsystems and do not care about upgrading applications.
Can I delete my apps on the server. Uninstall service studio version 8 on the PC . and download version 9?

Can we provision a second PE for version 9 and keep the version 8 still available?
Hi Pedro!

An account/email can only have have one associated personal environment.