Forge 2.0 Missing feature / Bug

Forge 2.0 Missing feature / Bug

In the Forge the "install" button is missing, and the "Get from forge website" silently downloads the component to the default download location, without feedback to the user, in the beta-period this button opens the forge-component page.
Ok... found the problem, Install button is working in version but not in (RC). But this version is not working with the beta-cloud environment.
Hi Matthias,

Actually, that is not a bug. In this new version of the Forge, we've incorporated an impact analysis mechanism to guarantee that it is safe to install the application/component in your factory. In order for us to do this, we changed the way the Forge worked a little. It is now Application oriented, rather than Solution oriented. Therefore, you can only directly install Applications in this new format (oap). 

Now, regarding your situation, it is probably the case that you are opening a Solution, rather than an application. However, we do agree that this may be confusing, and the download shouldn't be silent as well. We will definitely work on this.

Thanks for your feedback!
Within a ServiceCenter and environment, i get the "Get from forge website", and the oap file is downloaded. silently.

Within a ServiceCenter and environment, the package can be installed as a new Application.

Hi again,

The application you were trying to install was not compatible with you installation. Therefore, Forge did not allow you to install the application. However, when you switched to a version, it was then compatible, thus allowing you to install it.


Ricardo Alves