OutSystems Platform 8 Video Resources

I´m doing the geting started lessons and some widgets presented in the lessons do not show in my Service Studio.

For instance, Aggregate widget in Preparation screen and Form widget in Web Form screen do not show in my Service Studio.

I´m using version of Service Studio. Follow screen shots from Preparation and Web Forms editor.

Thanks in advance.


EDIT (André): Changed the title so that more people could find the resources...
Hi Edmar,

We have updated the online training for OutSystems Platform 9.
You can continue learning OutSystems Platform 8 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m3AP5m5vYQ&list=PLxALhSwsaivwLr5zY-XJaB23QYvP4jow2 
You will probably need the video resources for these lessons, please see the attached file.

Which videos change from Version 8 to Version 9?
Hi Jeffer,

Modules 3 to 8 are new.

Thank you, Jeffer!