Publishing warning

Publishing warning

Hi All,

After my publish completed I got the following warning..I just wanted to remove the same. Can anyone please help me.

Publishing WarningRemove all database references to the deleted record 'FieldName' of the static entity 'TableName'

for it to be permanently deleted from the database.
Exception: The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint

"OSFRK_OSUSR_uyh_TableName_OSUSR_UYH_TableName_FieldName". The conflict occurred in database

"outsystems_dev", table "dbo.OSUSR_UYH_TableName", column 'FieldName'.
The statement has been terminated.

Hi Sattibabu,

Did you edit your message a bit or do the table/fields really called like that? Some of the sentences don't make sense.

From those messages (assuming you did not edit the messages manually) you have a cyclic reference in the same static entity that is preventing the delete.

If this is just a test entity you created and there are no public or references in other entities the easier is to just Cut/Paste your entity. That will create a completly new table in the database.

Otherwise, if you need to keep the entity as it is, I would use the "Import from database" button in the entity advanced properties. This will bring back the deleted records back.
Then before deleting them, publish a version that all the records that you are going to delete do not reference other records that are going to be deleted.
After that delete the records you want and publish again.

João Rosado