Platform Server should be considered a "must do" upgrade for 8.X users

We upgraded to Platform Server this week, coming from (by the by, if you are still on 8.0.0.X... upgrade now!).

We've seen MASSIVE benefits from this upgrade:

* One eSpace used to take over 5 minutes to publish. I just timed it at 2 minutes, 4 seconds. This is one of the fixes in the upgrade.

* Fixed the "IE 8 double-submits forms" bug.

* The Lifetime RequestData entity now properly clears itself. This table was our #1 consumer of space (80+ GB table in a 400 GB database!), getting this fixed solves a significant number of pain points for us (slowly running out of disk space on the DB, backups were getting huge).

If you are running OutSystems 8.X, I highly recommend that you get to immediately.

Hey Justin,

Have you considered doing some kind of regression test? Is there any native component in the platform that can crash on a 8.0.1.X to a 8.0.1.Y upgrade?
Joao -

We do full regression testing before every deployment and we deploy weekly... and we upgrade our DEV environment and TEST environment before deploying... so yes, we do full regression testing before going to PROD on a new version.

OutSystems reserves revision number changes to be bug fixes almost all the time, so functionality doesn't change.