Record list getting clear

Hi there,
need some help from you Experts ! 
i am appending some records to a record list on a click of a button every time. When i clilck on the button, the record list shows values in the current record, but when i do the second click, the first record in the record list goes blank. Seems when the End node of the action is reached, the current record goes blank. Moreover, at the end i see a record list with the number of blank rows generated on the click of button everytime.can someone please help me out on this.
Hi leo,

Can you post a sample eSpace with that behavior so we can look what is happening?

João Rosado
Any updates with this issue?  We are currently experiencing a similar problem in 9.1

We have a RecordList that we are appending a value and once the End node is reached and the Notify triggers the screen action a second time, the RecordList is empty!

Very stuck, please help.
Hi Bryan,

take a look at this topic from Acácio Porta Nova, one of OutSytems engineers, explaining the list append behaviour.

Tell us if it helped.