Hi Guys

Was wondering if any people or teams have had using experience with Outsystems in Datawarehouse projects using large volumens of data (daily loads over 20 million).

Obviously I see the usefulness of using outsystems for the front end development of downstream data marts but am looking more at which role Outsystems can play in governing the rules for logistics for data manipulation of the core datawarehouse.
We are a Microsoft house using .Net for development, SSIS for ETL, DataVault technology for datawarehousing, Powerdesigner for modelling, Specflow, and are now looking to use XAML to govern the business rules. Has anyone out there used Outsystems in a datawarehouse/ BI project or see what role it can play given the above development stack.
Any leads or contacts would be greatly appreciated :))

Hi Guys,

We are planing to integrate our system through SSIS into OutSystem.

Are there any features available on the platform?


Use the "View4Entity" component on the Forge to make views for the entities, then do your warehousing on those views.



In our company we also have the need for the retrieval of Outsystems data to our Datawarehouse.

the "View4Entity" component seems to be no longer available. Is there an alternative?