Version 9 charts legend bug

Version 9 charts legend bug

Hi all,

just encountered a bug in using the charts in platform version 9.

I noticed that when i specify the color a datapoint, the legend doesnt get the correct color value.

Hi Ron,
The legend is showing the color of the data series, not the data point.

To change the data series color, you just need to customize the css of your application.
There is one css rule per data series. They are named as "Chart_Color<N>" where <N> is the number of the series. e.g.:

.Chart_Color1 {
    color: #E83E26;

.Chart_Color2 {
    color: #00A8C4;

These rules define the colors of the first and second series. You can define colors up to the 10th series.

.Chart_Color10 { color: #ccb8cc; } 
How to implement this? Easy: you just need to customize your application Theme style sheet. Thanks!