can't create new application

can't create new application

Hello. I am a beginner. When I click the button "Create Application", nothing happens... I use the Google Chrome browser. Where could be the problem? Thanks
Hi Laima,

I'm assuming you are talking about the button on the OutSystems home page and that you have went thru the process of registering for your personal environment. In this process you probably downloaded and installed the development environment that will allow you to develop your applications, right? Not? By any chance are you using a Mac? The development environment needs to run on a Window machine...

The Create Application button opens the development environment, if you haven't installed it or if you are on a mac then chances are that the button won't work...
Hi, Andre,
Yes, I installed the development environment (DevelopmentEnvironment- and I have Window machine. I'm in "Get Started" stage now and button "Create Application" is'n work, unfortunately
Hi Laima,

Probably there was a problem with your installation, which we could not replicate. Try to uninstall and install the Development Environment again. 

If that does not solve your problem, you can always create the application directy in your Development Environment. For that, you need to open Service Studio ( it is by default in C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Development Environment 9.0\Service Studio\ServiceStudio.exe), connect to your environment and create your application this way.

Ricardo Alves
Ok. There might be an error (liek javascript) there...

Have you tried the Guided Tutorial? If not please give it a try.

If this one fails as well, alternatively you can open the development environment from start menu. Under the OutSystems folder you will find Service Studio 9.0. Just open that.
Next you will have to point to your personal environment (I don't know what name you chose) something like: and use the credentials you provided to connect. And you are set. Just click the New Application button or Install one of our applications.
Thanks for help. Finally I realized the reason - new (9) version installation. I returned to 8 and now everything works.