Configuration Tool... Scheduler TAB

I have set the "Max.ConcurrentTimers" to 7 on the server running the timers....

Condition is we have several timers that can run over 15 minutes

When I monitor the "Environment Health"  I still see that only 3 timers are ever run at once???

I noticed th comment on the "Schedular Tab" ... it says:
This value highly depends on the Front-end Server machine, the number of CPUs that the machine has, and what is the main purpose of the machine.

does this mean we would need multiple CPU's to run more than 3 timers at once???
is there something that we still need to set???

Hi Darrel,

There is no number of cpus limitatation.

I think the issue here is that you have multiple frontends and tried to only set the setting in one of them, right? (I say this because you said "on the server running the timers")
The setting is global to your infraestructure, so if it will keep the configuration set in the last configuration tool that you execute.

João Rosado
Well our Dev server works... we did the same config change in all the PROD servers but PROD only allows 3 timers???  do we have to restart the server??