Disable Indexes

Hi, I'm at a client and I need to do a massive delete of records from a single table.
The problem is that the table have many indexes and I think that could slow down the process.

Is there any possible way to disable the indexes on that table only during the delete process and then reenable these same indexes? Or do I have to delete them and then recreate?

The database is Oracle.

Thanks in advance,
João Barbosa.
Even if you could disable the indexes (and I don't think you can) those indexes would make the database out of sync, with index records pointing to a lot of data records that no longer exist, a very bad condition.  Modern databases like Oracle will perform the delete funtion and update the indexes fast enough that this should not be a concern.  Any alternative adds more risk that you would want.
Thanks Curt, I wil follow that.

Best Regards,
João Barbosa.