Dynamic Outsystems Menu

Dynamic Outsystems Menu


Is it possible to have a dynamic outsystems menu, example, through a Content Management System (CMS) to add a page dynamically?

Thank you for responses! :)
Hi Geraldine,

There are some components in the forge for dynamic menus.
Searching for "menu" gives this as first hit: http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/202/dynamic-menus/
That one should do what you need.

João Rosado
Without digging into the system tables where all the Outsystems information is I would say this cannot be done.

In addition, having that dynamic menu also be role based would be a tremendous help for something I'm working on.  The current role based access control (RBAC) provides an all or nothing approach to viewing screens but is hardcoded and doesn't affect the menu system. 

Developing something like this would be challenging because the eSpace where the menu logic is wouldn't normally have visibility to all the screens of all the eSpaces in an application.  Providing access would give circular references which is generally a bad thing.

I'm looking at creating a clone of the Users eSpace and adding a table with all the screens and all the menu items.  I will then provide screens that allow assignment of roles to menu items.  This would feed into some Javascript or CSS code to actually show the dynamic menu.  You still have to manually add screens and check the role settings for each screen but I'm hoping I can automate some of that, by accessing the Outsystems tables, once I get the basic functions working.
I've used the component that João suggests.  As delivered it is completely hardcoded so I changed it to be table driven, and that works fine however it has no way of knowing dynamically what screens are in your application and also has no way of handling roles without the additional work I plan on doing.
Thank you for your replies, Curt Raddatz and João Rosado!

I will be trying this out and will get back of the results. Thank you!