Editing multiple records using an EditableTable (NEW in platform 9)

Have you ever wanted to freely manipulate data or edit multiple records in bulk, without wasting time navigating through your app?

In the enterprise world this is a common scenario, whether we want to add some notes after a call with a prospect, submit an expense report, or quickly manipulate raw data in an application’s backoffice. In order to achieve this, you’ll need a highly interactive and performant interface that allows you to edit, delete and add new data effortlessly.

With platform 9 we’re offering the new responsive EditableTable widget, allowing swift inline editing patterns over a list of items, dramatically increasing users’ productivity (check the video).


This new powerful widget includes:

  • Quickly switch between reading and editing rows for fast inline editing;
  • Keyboard shortcuts for enhanced productivity;
  • Client side optimizations for improved performance and enhanced user experience;
  • Completely extensible using other widgets; for instance, you can include your own dropdown editing widget in the table;
  • Powerful customization via CSS stylesheets.



How does it work?
Similar to other widgets in the platform, creating an EditableTable widget is a simple process. Drag the widget to the screen, drop the entities you want to edit on the widget, and set its source by automatically creating a new aggregate.


Next, you just need to add the logic you want to execute when a row is saved or deleted. This is done by setting the widget’s events. Service Studio will automatically generate the event actions for you, but you’re free to customized them to suite your business needs. To simplify development, the row will be automatically updated for you on the screen and no Ajax Refresh is required.

Save Action:

Delete action:

With this responsive widget you will be able to quickly edit a lot of information using any device, bringing real Excel-like productivity to your apps.



Vasco Pessanha

   how can I add a total to this widget that will have the sum of all I am adding ?
Hi Luciano,

I would add a container bellow the editabletable with white background (e.g. using style CardWhite). If you need totals for multiple columns I would had a table instead.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,
  thanks for the tip. How I would manage the value regarding the updating ? How to remove the old value and add the new one ?
Hi Luciano,

Just do an ajax refresh of that widget on the EditableTable events (OnRowSave and OnRowDelete).

Tiago Simões
Is it possible to do pagination with an Editable Table i.e. use the RichWidgets List_Navigation widget?

Hi Gavin,

No, it is not. You could eventually use the infinite scrolling pattern but in fact we reccomend, mostly from a scalability prespective, to use it for small sets of data (max around 100), like master/details scenarios.

Tiago Simões