Farm Management Software -- assistance

Hello Guys,

I just came across this wonderful application and I have tested the framework. Brilliant stuff. I want to build a web application for farm crops record keeping,i.e all crops will be listed on site showing how many crops I have on my field.

The application would also show me where my cost is and a pdf reporting tool to analsye my field.

Please kindly guide me where I should start.

My first thought is that this can definitely be done using Outsystems.  The request, 'guide me where I should start', is like asking how a blind person should start walking across the country. 

No one here will have the time to design a complete application for you, so, unless you are willing to pay someone, you'll have to figure a lot out on your own.  Since I've travelled down this road before maybe the following tips can help.

1) Go through all the videos available on the Outsystems site.  If you are really serious about getting this done sooner rather than later, invest in their bootcamp that gets you up to speed in a week.

2) Every good application starts with a good database design.  Generally this takes some expertise that you may or may not have.  Think about the things you need to track, how they are linked together and experiment with creating the entities (Outsystems tables) that would work for your application.  If you are completely unfamiliar with database technology, start here -  Note that this step would be identical regardless of the tools you use to create your web site.

3) Take everything you learned in the videos and start creating the web screens you need for your application.  This is where Outsystems shines as you can experiment with this over and over again in a very short amount of time to get exactly what you want.

That should get you going.  If any of this is too much for you, consider hiring someone you get you started, especially with the database design.

Hope this helps,
Peter, outsystems makes it easier and shorter to create applications, but still it is a time consuming, especially if you are not familiar with IT and database. I suggest you to first see if farm management software that is already on the market suits you with functions and user experience, try You have a free plan for what you need, so it will save you time and money.