[Drag and Drop] Only one Data

[Drag and Drop] Only one Data

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Published on 30 Oct by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 30 Oct by Johan den Ouden
Hi I have tried using your component but it doesn’t seem to work with more than one list from different data, tried using it with a different table to join them but without success, does it works with one table?
Hi Diogo,

HAve you checked the sample app?
In this app, the developer is responsible for doing the logic behaind the scenes to know what should be joined by what. Meaning, you're responsible to know how to use that id (it might be even a composed id (23;44).

Can you show an example?


Hi Ruben,

I checked but it uses only one data "product", i m trying to use it with more than one data table, an example would be using this sample instead of Product, i had "Fruits" and "Sweets" and would like to put one of each on the shopping cart I can assign both tables to the draggable webblock but I can’t add both to the shopping cart. Just wanted to know if limitation of the component.