Hi All,
Can someone help me giving expression for allowing only 1-8 and three number using input mask.
Hi Pramod,

Are you using this component: http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-versions/274/Input+Masks ?
If so, then you could redefine the mask before using the widget.
For example:
  1. Drag and "Expression" before the "Input" and InputMask "Mask" widget you wanto to mask;
  2. Set the "Escape content" property to "No";
  3. Set the "Value" property to "<script type=""text/JavaScript"">$.mask.definitions['8']='[1-8]';</script>";
  4. In the InputMask "Mask" widget on the "MaskDefenition" property type "8?88" (for example one mandatory digit and two optionals);
This should do the work.
You later can encapsulate this in a WebBlock, with dynamic parameters, to reuse on your applications.

Best regards,
Mário Coelho
HI Mario,
"Thanks fo rreply , when i set the expression value to " "<script type=""text/JavaScript"">$.mask.definitions['8']='[1-8]';</script>" to this does it set it in all the input masks i am using in the page?.
if i have 4 places in my page where i am using this so where ever in my page i am using "8?88" is it going to behave same means accepting 1-8 ?

Hi Pramod,

Yes, for all inputs, but as you said, only on the inputs with "Mask" widget with "MaskDefenition" property "8?88" (or other pattern you want with '8' marker).

Best regards,
Mário Coelho

Thanks Mario.