It is possible to have Outline Mode back in 8.0?

It is possible to have Outline Mode back in 8.0?

We have being using Outsystems Platform for quite some time, and we are now at version 7.0.
One of the features that we like most in ServiceStudio is the Outline Mode, because in this mode we can see right away where the various elements are (Containers, Expressions, EditRecrds, ...) without having to mouse over the elements to see what they realy are and where they are.
I know that we will upgrade to version 8.0 eventualy, and when we saw that the service studio 8.0 lacks the Outline Mode, it felt more like a "downgrade" to me and my whole team, because we are very used to it.
Is there any chance at all, to activate Outline Mode in service studio 8? Any manual configuration? Any special CSS?
Thanks, Nuno Guedes.
Hi Nuno,

Unfortunatly there is no setting that enables back the Outline mode.
I agree that takes a bit get used to it, but after a while you will barelly miss it.

The change was necessary because the outlines took "fake" space in the page to delimit the elements. This did not work at all with the grid models.

João Rosado
Hi João,

Thanks for your quick reply, i understand that the outline mode interfeers with the grid models, but the developer should have another way to see the varoius elemnt types right away just by looking at the screen without neet to mouse over them.

For example, Service Studio could have a mode where the most important widget icons are always visivle (like the one that exists now for TableRecords), this way we would be able to distinguish the elements by just looking at them. It would be really helpful and this should not impact with the grid models.

I say this because honestly, i dont think i will ever get used to this new design mode like it is right now.

Nuno Guedes
You wil get used to it, because you will end up using the widget-tree more often.

And I don't buy the "I never get used to ..." apporach, tbh...

That means you never worked with 4.2 and older ;)
That also means you never worked with vt100 terminals or vi.

Hi, I feel the same as Nuno, I started using version 8.0  for about 1 month and honestly annoys me not being able to work with "Outline Mode", do not know the background reason for this "killing" ... but in the development environment whant I want is something to help me understand everything more quickly ... I'm not getting it without the "Outline Mode", I believe I will get used to, sooner or later, but I think that it should withdraw "Outline Mode" who want to continue to use.

In version 8, the rendering engine is completely different, in a VERY good way. If you pay attention in 8, you'll notice that it renders much more closely to what you end up seeing on the screen. I suspect that the switch in rendering engines caused them to drop Outline mode, but I am not certain of that.

I too missed Outline mode for a while, but between the Widget Tree and the improved rendering, I stopped noticing that it was missing a long time ago.