The next logical step for outsystems: Outsystems AppStore (paid apps via Forge)

The next logical step for outsystems: Outsystems AppStore (paid apps via Forge)

In the next few years we WILL see...

Outsystems AppStore , Outsystems forged enabled with paid app solutions, paid apps will be offered by outsystems and 3rd party developers, component/solution providers all working together to help grow outsystems ecosystem.

The business model will be similar to Apple AppStore 70/30% split of total sale (70% goes to developers, 30% goes to distributor ie outsystems)

However it might take a while before we see an Outsystems AppStore, internally outsystems needs to first find a payment processor capable of distributing payments to meet its business requirements of running outsystems AppStore.

What do you think about this idea? Would you want to help grow outsystems ecosystem and get paid to do this? 

Noticed I used the word "will" not maybe or good to have - this will definitely happen, it is just a matter of when, as It is both a challenging business problem and a technical problem to solve! :)

For the record in the past, I've requested the following business features

  • Outsystems email newsletter, it took outsystems a few months to implement, we now have outsystems reader's digest! (Good work!)
  • Outsystems Cloud, the idea was rejected at the first meeting somehow it didnt make sense but 2 or so years later the idea started to make sense and It was implemented so now we have Outsystems enterprise cloud and outsystems personal cloud. 
  • Outsystems free development environment, - this feature was requested prior to outsystems cloud; the idea was to enable developers to build a fully functional application without SUs limitation or having to install any server ont heir machine! Developers can just build their app demonstrate it to their prospective investor/employer, then have the business pay for the solution to run it in production! We ended up with mixed results at first, some agreed with this idea while others did not. However outsystems did know this is a feature they needed, but it was difficult for outsystems to monitor this type of arrangement with developers to avoid misuse/lose in revenue for outsystems and outsystems shakeholders.....Until Outsystems cloud was born! an enviroment that outsystems is able to manage and control, so now you guys get a free development environment with Outsystems Personal cloud! (thank you! for listening and making every developer very happy!) :)

What is the Outsystems Reader's Digest? The forum digest? or something else?

Many years ago, we didnt have an email newsletter! (readers digest) 

I mentioned to outsystems ....not everyone visits the community forum regularly, but often almost everyone check their email a few times a week! It be good to let everyone know what is going on in the outsystems community/outsystems world! outsystems agreed it was a good idea and implemented the feature !
Hi Robert,

I just bumped into this post. I couldn't agree more. That will surely come somewhere in the future and will be welcome.