Embedding a java, C++ or .NET library

Hello guys

We need to embed an external library in Outsystems to be able to use its functionality through an API.
We can get the library and API in both C++, Java and .NET format.
What is the easiest approach to doing this? I have not been able to find a tutorial or explanation for how to do it. Can anyone give us any pointers?

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Integration Studio is the tool Outsystems has to embed external libraries.  Open up that program (it was installed when you installed Outsystems) and look at the help.  That should get you started.
what Curt says basically,

java is easy and c# easy.
if you are not doing real strange things.
check the forge for some examples.

however, c++...
C++ is unmanaged code, so you need to wrap it (and if you are in bad luck , even wrap it in COM-hell)
It is doable though, but will takes some more effort.