Menu Disappear when close browser and login again.

Hi All,
In my application i am using a customized menu (html\jquery) and i have different type of user based on which i need to show  different link in menu which is working perfectly with no issues. 
I used 4 expression in which i creates menu based on user type only one renders at a time for a specific user type , i have a veriable ("UserType") which i am using in condition to check which type of user is logged in , now lets come to the problem when i closed my application without logging out (directly close the browser) an dlogin again any of my menu or block conditioned for UserType doest loaded and shown nothing and when i logged out and logged in again everything seems to be working fine, any one having any idea to solve this ?
Please help ASAP.
Thanks in advance.
The code you are using to set UserType you need to execute in the preparation of every screen which guarantees that that value is set correctly all the time.  It looks like you are doing it as part of the login process which, obviously, will not work in all cases.