Open link in new tab/screen from screen action

Open link in new tab/screen from screen action

I've searched the forums for this, but can't find a satisfactive answer (i.e. one that works): if a Link on a web screen has a screen action as destination, in which some processing is done (some query or the like) followed by a Destination to somewhere else, is it possible to open that destination in a new tab/screen? Obvioulsy I tried a target _blank in the Link's extended properties, but that doesn't work.

EDIT: I prefer a straight, elegant solution. So no WidgetClick from the called screen action, or having the processing done in the Preperation for all records, etc.
Hi Kilian,

Don't think that is possible.
That would mean that the server could decide to open windows and tabs at will on a redirect, and that is usualy something that could be used to do Advertise popups  ..things that browsers/web standards like to prevent.

Think that the only answer here is actually the WidgetClick or a RunJavascript ..and even that you will have to check if it's not blocked by AdBlockers.

João Rosado
Well, this is in a corporate situation, so I'm not worried about adblockers (we could enforce pop-ups are allowed from intranet websites). But if it's not possible to do elegantly, I'll try the more dirty options. Thanks.