Can't find steps on how i can connect to a postgresql database. Is there any way?
cant see pgsql in their list of supported database but i saw pgsql in the "nextstep 2014" presentation.

is it posible to use pgsql as my main database? Thank you.
Gerardo -

In version 9, you can use your own database connectors. I don't know if one for PostgreSQL ships with 9 or not, I know MySQL does. Check the version 9 documentation for specifics.

Sir Justin, PostgreSQL is not noted in the version 9 document. what i need to do so i can work with postgresql? thank you.
Gerardo -

In that case you will need to make a DB connector, which can be done in Version 9. I do not know the specific details of doing it, but the documentation should be a help and there may be a tutorial available.

Actually, I'm already working on a connector to PostgreSQL which will work with the OutSystems Platform revision which is to be released on October 24.

I'll try to make it available at that time. I've been able to import entities from the MusicBrainz database into Integration Studio and will begin testing the runtime momentarily.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo -

Fantastic news!

Sir Ricardo, thats good news.
Maybe I'll wait for that to be available. Now i'll just study how to use the MySQL so that when the PostgreSQL connector is available I have the idea what I should do.

Hope to hear updates for this. Thanks Sir Justin, Sir Ricardo.
Ricardo, postgresql as platform database? Do you know where I could find the database sdk document?
Robert, as a Platform database no .... t yet.

What's being released right now will be the SDK for database connections. I believe it's in the final stages but not yet available.

I've been fiddling with a PostgreSQL connector as a beta tester for the SDK :)

I'm sure a proper anouncement of the availability of the SDK will be made when it's released.
It took a bit longer than expected for me to be able to make the PostgreSQL connector available, but here it is :)