cannot install community license on 9

I am new to outsystems, doing my first installation of the platform server on my windows 2012 server box

all the way to the point of installing the community license, but I get this error:

Your server license has been invalidated as it does not allow the current server version. Please downgrade the server version or contact OutSystems for a license upgrade.
You must delete applications or Contact OutSystems Sales to keep using the OutSystems Platform. 

Development mode

11:08 Tue 2014-10-14

I noticed that when I requested the license 

I entered my serial and that I am using version but the license that it returned is for 8.

what am I doing wrong?

Versions of the community edition have stopped at version 8.  You have two choices.  You can use version 8 of the community edition but you then need to use version 8 of all the tools, specifically Service Studio.  The second choice is to use the personal edition, which creates a space for your site in the cloud.  All new personal edition sites are version 9 which gives you the latest version of the tools.  I strongly recommend the personal edition not only for this issue but because the community edition is extremely limited in the size of the application you can create.  The personal edition has no such limits.

(Also note that the community edition will never be supported on Windows 2012, though it should be functional on that platform.)

Hope this helps,