London Theme from v8 to v9

London Theme from v8 to v9


We are planning to change our apps theme to a London customized version and so we are analizing if we should do it now or after we migrate to version 9.

Did anyone have problems with the London theme when migrating from 8 to 9?

Thank you in advance,
Hi Ricardo,

Great question, if someone does face any problems with it, we'd also like to know so we can help. 

But we haven't received any reports yet and there should not be any issues upgrading from 8 to 9. Changes to the London theme were mainly refactorings to also support fluid grids (you'll see that themes in 8 that are based on London will be upgraded to be based on a LondonFixed theme in 9), but these should not have any impact on your applications.

Tiago Simões
PS: There are some small visual changes to the way validations look, but if you don't like the new validations it's easy to override them with some css.