File upload, IE -- doesn't work. Surprise...

Can't make IE work with FileUpload control. 
I tested with empty solution -- works. But in my complex page, it doesn't.
Upload button has server submition, but nothing goes to a server, no client errors.. Nothing.
Other browsers works just fine.

Dmitry -

Are you sure that you have the Button set to "Submit" and not "Ajax Submit"?

Yes, I am sure.
Moreover, it is not about fileupload only, It is about all submit buttons.

Finally, I have resolved this issue. It is IE bug. I hate IE with all peaces of my heart...

The solution was:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />

Ugh, yeah. We set that in our layouts a while ago because of the IE issues. :(

Hi Dmitry,

What version of the platform are you using?
Because we force Edge mode on IE by default to avoid compatibility problems like those where it starts rendering internal domains as IE 7...
All OutSystems pages in the 8.0+ have a X-UA-Compatible=Edge header.

João Rosado