Communicating to a web block from the parent page


My scenario is that -
I have some menus, their respective sections & each section has their respective actions. and all the Menus, Sections & Actions are stored in 1 table by ParentId & Type.
So what I have done is that I have taken a webscreen whcih contains a Table Records inside that I have binded Menus.
For Sections I have created a webblock and droped inside the first webscreen inside the Table Records.
For Actions I have again created a webblock and dropped it into the Sections webblock.
Now it look like:


the above structure is in tree format with checkboxes in front of all of them at each level.
I want that if i check the Menu checkbox all its sections checkboxes should be checked, but the section checkboxes lies in the webblock and similiar with the Section & action checkboxes respectivley.

Can someone help me with this???

Thanks in Advance..... 
Hello Hitesh.
Take a look at this forge component:
It makes it possible to implement that kind of communication.
Thank you so much Leonardo. 

I hope this will help me.