weird behavior of Outsystems Flatform 9.

weird behavior of Outsystems Flatform 9.


Please help to resolve weird situation with the 9th platform.

I created application and incuded javascript files in resources, and used AddJavascriptTag from Httphandler extension.

Then I deleted this application from my environment. 

Then I created new empty application. And if I publish this new application, it tries to load the script which  I loaded in previose deleted application. 

Is it a bug of 9-th platform?.. If so, then it is immposible to use.

Thank you in advance.


not sure,

guess you have to take it up with support.
it smell like a bug to me.
HI Dmitry,

I tried to replicate the problem and wasn't able to cause it.
Are you able to replicate it consistently?
If you do it would be nice to submit your issue to Support with the espace before delete and the new one.

João Rosado