Can not install "Geo" via Service Studio IDE

This forge module has been published as an outsystems solution, what is wrong with it?

Hi Robert,

I didn't quite understand your problem. Is it that you were hoping you could install Geo directly from your Development Environment?

If that is your case, there is nothing wrong with it. In Forge 2.0, and as you've probably noted, we've undergone some architectural changes. Therefore, we've created the OutSystems Application Pack(OAP), which keeps better track of all its dependencies, thus allowing you to install OAPs directly from the Forge.

With our OSP format file, we don't have this flexibility. So, since we can't infer its dependencies, we cannot guarantee the integrity of your factory after the installation of the solution, which is why we ask the user to download the OSP manually.

I hope I answered your question.

Ricardo Alves
Ricardo, how to generate an OAP?
Hi Robert,

You can download it from Service Center in the application screen:

João Rosado