How to use the <abbr> tag (or something functionally similar)

How to use the <abbr> tag (or something functionally similar)

I want to add an <abbr> style hover element, but not make a link whole popup_info widget. Maybe a question mark with a hover answer.

This is just to more thoroughlly explain certain form inputs.

I've tried adding "abbr" and "<explanation>" to the Extened Properties area of the Text Widget, but this only puts it inside a <span> element and that really doesn't work.

Isn't the tag you want <alt>?  The <alt> tag is the one that displays the tip when an item is hovered over.  You can see it in action right on this page.  Just to the right of the REPLY link is an icon for the absolute link.  If you hover over this you'll see the tip.  If you look at the HTML source you'll see that the <alt> tag is used.

Hope this helps,
No, this doesn't work on Text widgets. I imagine it would work for links and maybe even pictures, but not straight text.

Plus, the alt= tag doesn't have the default text decoration to show that there's some helper text there.

I'm afraid I really am looking specifically for a way to add an <abbr>   </abbr> tag around an element, particularly the text element.

Hi Len,

You can write 2 expressions around your text with <abbr> and </abbr> and set the "Escaped content" to false. That will make them render "as is" in html.

João Rosado
You could also simply add a "title" extended property to the element with the appropriate value.  The title attribute works on html elements such as divs, text elements, expressions, etc.  It behave similar to alt tags on images.
THERE we go, that did it!

In combination with a little CSS to give the dotted unerline effect, that works perfectly. Thank you!