Identify Server

Anyone knows how to identify the server node that is serving the web page?
Hi Rodrigo,

I don't know if the function GetBookmarkableURL() could help, this is what we use in identifying our Test Server from our Production Server. (it returns the domain url tho) 

Hope this helps,
Mark Chua
If you just want to identify the environment (production, development, etc.) I've used this Forge component - - which works very well.  Not sure how you can get the exact server node if that's what you need.

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What I want is to identify inside a farm instalation witch frontendserver is serving the webpage, or at least the zone. Is this possible?
There's a "GetMachineName" or "GetMachineInternalName" action within the "HtmlRenderer" Extension which does what you want.

I'll give it a try, thanks.