[Image Slider] Cannot see image slider

[Image Slider] Cannot see image slider

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Published on 2010-11-11 by Miguel "Kelter" Antunes
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Published on 2010-11-11 by Miguel "Kelter" Antunes
Hello experts,

I tried to copy this oml application into my environment and could see anything in the image slider.

I copied the preparations (both homepage and imageslide webblock) and I have no errors in my environment and still don't see.

Can you help me please?

Thank you.

Raquel Oliveira
Hi there Raquel!

I've just looked into my 4 years old code, and it's a "little" bit outdated! :)

Take note that in the preparation there are urls for images, they were hosted at nivo.dev7studios.com but it seems that they moved them away... You can trey and change that image urls to new ones at your choice, and after that you should see the slider working.

Let me know if you need more help on this!

Raquel, I had same problem and if you need to copy the file jquery.nivo.slider.js that is in data tab and resources folder. This is required to render the images and execute the configured javascript.

Also, be sure to replace in preparation the values mentioned by Miguel Antunes in above post.