what do you guys use for reporting? I see in Forge som old extensions, some Excel exporting extensios etc. Don't know if they'll lwork with version 9.x. So, curious what users of Outsystems use till now.

Regards, Harry 
I've spent quite a bit of time working on a reporting plan for a project I'm working on.  One of the challenges is that if you are using the personal edition, you do not have direct access to the database (ODBC, JDBC, etc.) so that limits your options in that environment.

What I ended up deciding on is a group of web services created in Outsystems that represent the views you need for your reports.  Crystal Reports allows a web service to be a data source for a report so it works well in this situation.  The web services allow us to control what can be reported on and (eventually) we will add security to the web services to control who can use which web services. 

Hope this helps,