[Offline Apps] Offline module causing screen to be blank

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Published on 2015-11-19 by Labs
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Published on 2015-11-19 by Labs
Hi Guys

Im using the Offline module and love it. Im currently sitting with a problem where the offline OfflineStorageJavascript module is causing a screen to be blank. It works fine on my other screens.

If i remove the OfflineStorageJavascript from the screen i get the following screen :

Screen 1

The screen displays fine , but then i can't use the offline capability.

In screen 2 you can see that the OfflineStorageJavascript is removed from the screen in design time

In screen 3 i added the OfflineStorageJavascript again to the screen and published.

Screen 4 is the result.

I cant find any errors in servicecenter related to this and the javascript offers me nothing as well.

Can anyone maybe point me in the right direction of what can be the cause. Is there maybe a bug in the offline module?



I Arno,
just with the image is hard to tell. I had an simmilar issue it had to do with some problems doing the bindings of the data to the screen.
at the time my problem was with the names of the text fields. they need to match the entity names like if they were created with scafolding.

I hope that helps some how.
Best Regards
Carlos Rocha
Hi Arno,

Thanks for your feedback regarding the component.

As for that issue in particular it's hard to tell, only if you could provide a small sample eSpace replicating that problem in particular it would be easier to help you out.

Tiago Simões