Calling a URL with Outsystems

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Service Studio

I'm trying to build a timer action in Outsystems that will simply call a URL.  The URL would look like:


I'm attempting to use the ardoHTTP HTTPGet action, but I consistently get a 401 error, whether I use my own credentials (which works when I call the URL through the browser), or the automated admin account's credentials.

I tested with the HTTPRequestHandler's GetRequest_Submit action also, but that doesn't seem to even connect.  The call attempts, then the debugger returns the action to the same step it was on instead of going on.

I don't require any response from the URL, just for it to be successfully called, as if through the browser, so that a script will run on the target server.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, or if I'm using the right actions from the right references.
Do you actually get any status back from the destination server when you make the call outside OS?  

If you are not getting anything back at all, the request may be left hanging until it finally times out.  Even if the destination server sends no visible content back, you should at least get a status code back somewhere in the 2XX range (probably 200).  If you are seeing a response status code in the 400 or 500 range, the server is not accepting and processing the request properly.

Also, I don't know exactly how you are passing the credentials, but if your destination server is using standard HTTP auth, you cannot pass them as regular query string parameters.  That may help explain the 401 error your are getting.

I suggest you confirm the request-response behavior & status codes using a regular browser first.  If you get a proper 2XX status code back from the server, the GetRequest_Submit action should work fine.

Sorry I cannot be of more assistance.