Hi everyone!

As you probably already noticed, we've updated OutSystems Now to version 1.1.0. The new version requires that you install the latest module version from the OutSystems Forge and get the latest app version from the store.

The current version isn't backwards compatible, so you really need to update OutSystems Now modules. In the future we do intend to keep it compatible as much as possible.

The highlights for this new version are:
  • Control application visibility enforcing application role or allow any registered users to access them (default) - We received a lot of feedback from users don't really having a specific role in the applications but still wanted to access them using OutSystems Now;
  • Control application visibility by from factor - define if the application should be available for tablets, smartphones or both;
  • Allow multiple devices per user - we had to introduce a new concept (hardware id) to allow a user to be logged in with multiple devices at the same time, which will allow you to broadcast push messages in the future (push messages only availabe if you go for the open source version and implement the push notifications)