Print HTML to PDF with stack java


Is there any extension or way to print html to pdf with stack java? I have searched the forge, but i was only able to find extensions to .Net.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Hugo,
Check the Html2PDF/Image converter component.
The most recent (still in "Development") version already supports Java. The component team is working to make it compatible with Java, and would love feedback on it before marking it stable.

You can access the Development version at


well it all depends upon how and where you would want to use it.

If this is going to based on INtranet based Environment - then you would simply think of CTRL + P  and print it as PDF doc - provided you have PDF installed in systems. 
Hi Gonçalo,

First of all thanks for the help.

I have a problem though, using the extension you referred. I'm still using OutSystems platform 8.0.0 and your extension is for 8.0.1

Hi Kayala Sunil,

Thanks for your help, all of this endevour is to create a report file. I have the html built and correctly formated already, now i just need to create the pdf to send the binary to OutSystems download action.

Hi Hugo,
You should definitely consider installing the latest 8.0 patch (8.0.1.x). Notice that 8.0.1 has no breaking change (it just requires you to download the new studio to work with the latest server version) and it also brings several improvements (e.g. much faster publish).
Thank for your help!