Hi there,
Are there any functions/components within the OutSystems ecosystem that provide an advanced level of detail about the User Agent, similar to the service shown below.

I'm currently recording the GetUserAgent() result string but, ideally, I would like to record specific platform & browser information for more detailed auditing/MI purposes.



I'm not sure exactly what you mean. But the extra information is something that the useragentapi.com site has a large database on and is extracting that from that database.

The user agent string only gives you specifically the useragent string (the first field). All the rest is inferred.

It seems that that site has a JSON API available. Maybe you can register for an API key, develop a connector for that API and use their API to obtain the rest of the information. Either that, or implement their functionality yourself.

If you go the connector path, remember to share it in the forge :)

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva